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May 14, 2024

On May 8th and 11 th, Trestle Holdings is cooperated with two leading companies in the fields of immigration and real estate – Paragon Immigration and Sutton Group Ottawa Realty, successfully organized the Canada Investment And Immigration Conference at New World Hotel (Ho Chi Minh City) and Movenpick Hotel (Hanoi).

Event space at New World Hotel Sai Gon

Event space at Movenpick Hotel Ha Noi


Trestle Holdings is a 100% Canadian-owned company specializing in project management, asset management, and financial investment, headquartered in Calgary – one of the most developed cities in North America – in the province of Alberta, Canada. Trestle has representative offices worldwide in Vietnam, South Korea, Dubai, and Bangladesh. Trestle is recognized as a trusted partner for numerous startup and immigration projects in Canada, such as PathCAN, Lupin Platform, AppRoi, ImmiHealth, Marine Trace… Trestle leverages its strengths with a network of partners, including law firms, government-designated organizations, and leading investment funds in Canada to support investors in their journey to relocate and start businesses there.

Panel discussion and presentation by speakers

Mr. Le Tuan Khai – gave a speech of thanks at the closing

Lucky customer wins 1 visit to survey the Canadian market

With a vision and orientation to treat every customer as a long-term partner and friend, Trestle not only helps investors become Canadian citizens but also expands solutions to effectively achieve financial and business operational goals, thereby contributing to the development of the Canadian economy.

Through the Canada Investment Immigration Seminar with the theme “Canada’s Gateway For Investors: Real Estate & Beyond With The Start-Up Visa Program” in Ho Chi Minh City on May 8 and in Hanoi on May 11, 2024, Trestle received a lot of interest from the attendees through interactive and discussion sessions. Accordingly, we will provide solutions and services to help you own Canadian real estate or become a new citizen of this country through the SUV (Start-up Visa) program.

According to Mr. Tuan Le – Co-founder of Trestle Holdings: “At the seminar, in addition to sharing the latest information about Canadian real estate and the SUV program, we also introduced the Canada Market Prospect (CMP) – Exploring Canada’s Market Prospects, coordinated by Trestle and Sutton Group Ottawa Realty. This is considered the highlight of the program and is sure to attract many investors due to the practical and experiential value we aim to bring to our customers.”

Mr. Le Tuan Khai – President of Trestle Vietnam took a photos with attendees

Founders Mr. Tuan Le and Mr. Tristan Choi took commemorative photos with the speakers

In particular, besides meeting and conversing with leading immigration consultants from Trestle such as Mr. Tuan Le and Mr. Tristan Choi – two Co-founder/ Managing Partner Trestle Holdings also met top speakers like Mr. Tai Phan – RCIC, Co-founder Paragon Immigration; Ms. Harper Nguyen – Realtor, Sutton Group Ottawa Realty, Brokerage; Mr. Kent Rupert – Senior Consultant, Trestle Holdings. These experts, with decades of experience in the industry, provided advice and answered most of the investors’ questions right at this event

Trestle believes that the seminar provided valuable information for you in your journey to create a new life in the beautiful and peaceful country of Canada.


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